Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fil Rüting | Opening WPA

September 3rd - October 2nd, 2011
Opening Friday, September 2nd, 8-10pm

WPA is pleased to announce "AUSTRALIAN",
a new Video Installation by Fil Rüting.

"AUSTRALIAN" consists of two video projections screened on opposing walls. As the title suggests, the work's focus is on the artist's homeland, exclusively sourcing its imagery and sound from the cinema of Australia. The video is the next installment of Rüting's ongoing process he refers to as "Tri Repetaé". "Tri" referring to the human ability to see three channels of color, trichromacy. "Repetaé" referring to meaning affirmed through repetition and context. Rüting uses cinematic sources, wrenching them from their linear format, cutting and shifting time, recomposing imagery in colorful ghost-like forms and figures moving through a stationary camera space. In "AUSTRALIAN", the tri repetaé form explores a compositional narrative focusing on the question of what the term "Australian" means.1

Themes explored in Rüting's video installation include primitive utopianism, colonialism, gender politics, transgression, the modern condition and spirituality. The artist has subtitled a few segments within the installation, "Nura (Country)", "White Fellas", "Petrol Heads", "Blokes and Sheilas", "The Big Smoke" and "Dreamtime".

The result is a thirty-minute drop into a psychedelic Down Under, filled with wonder, angst, hedonism, transformation and suspense. Sonically abrupt and mesmerizing "AUSTRALIAN" disarms the viewer into a bi-polar space, where iconography and narrative meet to create a poetic identity hidden within the cinematic condition of a unique modern nation.

Gallery hours:
Open 12-6pm, Saturday and Sunday or by appointment.

510 Bernard St, Los Angeles CA 90012

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