Friday, October 23, 2009

Fil Rüting | Opening October 24th

Fil Rüting
Tri Repetae - One 24th of a Second

WPA, 510 Bernard St, October 24 - November 16
Opening Reception Saturday, October 24, 7-10pm
Special Guest Band @ 9pm

WPA is pleased to announce an exhibition of new work by Fil Rüting,
"Tri Repetae - One 24th of a Second".

*Trichromacy, the condition upon which humans perceive color, is a fundamental exploration point in "Tri Repetae". Sampled from iconic film, the videos and prints in this exhibition contain ghost like figures in shades of red, green, blue, moving within a stationary camera space such as a hallway, trash heap, or skate park. These images hint at a sublime subtext within the original sampled narrative releasing the imagery from the restraints of its linear form, by continuously cutting the frame in overlapping time. One 24th of a second is the time in which a single frame of film is seen; these prints as single frames however implicate the multiple frames found in cinematic film. This literal liberation of image and sound from the formal and conceptual constraints of historical linear filmic space succeeds predominantly though this direct relationship to time. Time is represented as historical form, context, and idea. Rüting’s playful reconstructive approach to sampled cinematic imagery implies a sort of visual haiku; instead of three lines of text, we have three colors, three compositions… a tri repetae.

Born in Sydney, Australia, Fil Rüting now lives and works in Los Angeles.

*The human eye contains three types of color receptors (cones), with different absorption spectra. The RGB (red, green, blue) additive color model used in video and other electronic devices, was derived from this trichromatic perception of color.

Gallery open 12-6pm, Thursday - Sunday or by appointment.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Opening | West Los Angeles College Art Gallery

Exhibition: "Newman's Subconscious" a group exhibition curated by Suzanne Adelman & Keith Walsh

Exhibition Dates: October 19th - December 4th, 2009.
Gallery Reception: Tuesday, Oct. 27th from 6:00-9:00 PM.

Gallery Hours: Mon.-Fri., 10:00am-4:00pm

This show will feature artworks by: Aaron Brewer, Kristin Beinner James, Suzanne Adelman, Pamela Jorden, Kristi Lippire, Christopher James, Tracy Miller, John Pearson, Ernie Ramirez,
Keith Walsh and Matt Wardell.

"Newman’s Subconscious"

In touching upon the issue of identity and shared consciousness, the objective of this show is to stimulate confusion and contemplation around it's subject matter: Newman’s Subconscious.

The group of artists selected in this show have the skills and sensibilities to articulate a range of viewpoints that highlight the confusion of the subject: Which ‘Newman’ are we speaking of? The artists may address the question of the subject by way of means not limited to formalism, popular imagery, high/low cultural juxtapositions, the esoteric, ephemera, spirituality, art history, and music. Some ‘Newman’ subjects may be living, some have passed on, others are fictitious. Regardless of their corporeality or not, each shares one that ultimately reflects a facet of America’s own character and culture.

Recent scientific research has shown that we can 'read' or enter each other's minds by way of reading expressions that set off a firing of mirror neurons. The brain is activated in the same way for both the subject and the receiver. As well, very specific areas of our brains have been mapped while picturing a variety of objects. Perhaps conscious or not, this mapping points to an amalgam of culture and shared identity within us. But then again...what exactly is a subconscious and who knows what is lurching in the neurological alchemy and accumulated warehouse of each other's minds?

Within this mediating capacity, between the process of the artwork and what the spectator brings to the gallery, art is therefore in the service of role-playing, exploring the nature of the self, and the nature of itself, as a mirror of shared consciousness.

West Los Angeles College Art Gallery
4800 Freshman Dr.
Culver City, CA 90230