Saturday, May 5, 2012

Charles Irvin | Graff Mourgue D'Algue

New Directions in Alchemy

Opening 10-May-12, 6 PM
Los Angeles-based Irvin deals with inner landscape and scenery constructed from common icons such as pyramids, jesus, aliens or the misfits skull. His education and personal experience impregnated these images into his subconscious. Raised as a Catholic in Fundamentalist Christian North Texas, he developed an affinity for Christian imagery.
In New Directions in Alchemy most of the paintings are haunted by crescent moon figures. Sometimes they are depicted as alien divinities lounging on a pyramid, sometimes they perform scatological rituals in sterile rooms. The ensemble is blue suspended in space, a parallel universe where you'll be enlightened by an infinity fountain and where rock hard vanities emerge through vaginas. We never would have believed these new directions where possible to initiate, but we felt they were there somewhere in our very own alchemy. Irvin's work constantly clashes the subconscious and the conscious.
Charles Irvin's work was included in exhibitions at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles, White Columns in New York and the Museum of Modern Art in Luxembourg and currently in The Art Of Cooking curated by Hanne Mugass.
7, Bvd. d'Yvoy
CH - 1205 Geneva