Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tyler Vlahovich | Opening

Tyler Vlahovich | I Drank the Kool Aid
November 5 - December 4
Opening Reception Saturday, Nov 6th, 6-9pm

"My work is an expression of certainty and ambiguity. I mean to link these interests in a practical and accessible way.

My approach is to set in motion a certain kind of tension through the seduction of abundance, inquiry and discovery. I start with the rudiments of composition - volumes, values, lines and their variants - and methodically build toward excess. My aim is to have these straightforward elements spar with the spatial ambiguities they propagate; and, because the repetition and variation of these elements is plain, it quickly becomes a game of how I can relate or cluster them. Somehow a rapport emerges that slows the read of the overall image while leveling a richly charged field to study. The resulting image is intended to be compelling by means of its uncomfortable vagueness. I use contour line as a means to plainly articulate form and space while hinting at figuration. Often the clarity of the line is bent toward misinterpretation. Figuration steps in to maintain a point of reference. Contour lines also suggest a great deal with extreme economy and can easily slip or flash between two and three-dimensional representation. I like how this flux can delay a quick appraisal. And, as the title of the show suggests, I’ve not only embraced the promising/worrisome paradox of clarity but the attraction has become a calling."
- Tyler Vlahovich

Gallery hours:
Open 12-6pm, Friday - Saturday or by appointment.

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